But that's just my hypotenuse (myhypotenuse) wrote,
But that's just my hypotenuse

i guess i'll reflect but not too much

this year thats coming to an end. depending on my mood it was and still is terrible or fine.

terrible part came from after summer and until now because i left my past and was forced to confront my future. moving away from lena and all the friends i've made in so cal was and still is hard. i have notoriously had a hard time making the effort to keep in touch with people though how i feel about them never really changes inside. i've felt terribly isolated tho I admit that is my own damn fault.

at the same time, i made some really great friendships with my co-workers and i will be sad to see one of them go in a month. somehow because we all were new to Berkeley and know very few people, we've banded together and had some fun times. and last but not least, in the last few months, i have entered the exciting and fabulous world of gay country dancing. Only Eric has come with me which i appreciate very much. it has given me a lot of hope and positivity about living in norcal. i've begun to make friends through this, although i wish it were more somehow.

havent cracked the lesbian scene at all in sf i believe it is hidden and somehow i need the find the right secret code to get in or something.

and also in the last month of the year, i finally mustered the courage to attend a pflag meeting. good but at the same time brought up a lot of hurt. my step is to get my mom to read a pamphlet! im still scared shitless at such a small task.

i wish everyone a safe and happy new year wherever you all are.
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