But that's just my hypotenuse (myhypotenuse) wrote,
But that's just my hypotenuse

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Take a load off Annie

wow. june. where did the time go? where did i go?
gosh. im so nervous. but i think its going to be okay. i hope its not too late.
two weeks left til school ends and finally i can breathe a little more easily.
17 years and finally she let him meet our family. that was big. and i am so happy.
i never knew what it took. all those false lights at the end of the tunnel. it took all i got.
i need to start dancing again. start forgiving myself for giving it up.
i want to volunteer, rockclimb, join a band. its a promise. so much to live for.
for my friends who have been feeling so alone. you are not alone. i was always there if you needed me.
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