But that's just my hypotenuse (myhypotenuse) wrote,
But that's just my hypotenuse

not too good but not too bad. its a good start actually

I signed the lease to a new apartment today. Grad student housing has been crap so I am looking forward to this move. The house is right next to the transverse mountains and its so quiet out there. Really peaceful. Its far away from school though. A 40 minute bike ride but I think it will be good for me. I have not exercised in a long time so it will be good.

Summer has slipped in and school is finished but because of my internship and part time job, I feel like I have never skipped a beat. Not much time for relaxation or vacation anyway. Nonetheless I think I do have more time for fun and am looking forward to spending more time with people.

I've learned that things are fleeting. Some things are worth fighting for and some things are not. I am growing but I have still more growing to do. Now is the time to be courageous, forgiving, humble but strong.
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